Long Islanders who suffer from sleep-related disorders can be evaluated in South Shore University Hospital‘s new sleep center in Hauppauge.

Northwell Health, which operates South Shore University Hospital in Bay Shore, relocated its sleep center from the hospital to a new facility at 125 Kennedy Drive this fall.

The 12-room center features an expanded footprint for the health care provider to better serve those who seek treatment for sleep apnea, insomnia, narcolepsy and other sleep-related disorders.

Six sleep specialists within the center offer in-lab diagnostic sleep studies and in-lab treatment for sleep disorders.

The center, which is accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, also helps patients with at-home diagnostic sleep studies.

“This new, larger facility with state-of-the-art technology and experienced staff will go a long way toward helping patients get more restful, restorative sleep,” said Donna Moravick, executive director of South Shore University Hospital.

Obstructive sleep apnea affects up to 30 million American adults, according to Gary Wohlberg, medical director of the sleep center.

“While some people might brush off their partner’s or family member’s snoring, it can be the sign of a very serious, underlying medical issue,” said Wohlberg. “Sleep apnea can cause a stroke or exacerbate someone’s irregular heartbeat, otherwise known as atrial fibrillation.”

Wohlberg notes that 40 percent of adults with high blood pressure and 70 percent of people with Type II diabetes have OSA.

“Given that, I implore anyone concerned about their or their loved one’s sleep habits to have them evaluated in this state-of-the-art facility staffed by experts,” he said.

Patients can be referred for a sleep study by a bariatric surgeon, cardiologist, pulmonologist, neurologist, or ear, nose, and throat specialist.

For more information about the new sleep center, call 631-968-3150.

Top: South Shore University Hospital’s Sleep Center director Andrew Devlin, manager Danish Nadeem and medical director Dr. Gary Wohlberg (courtesy).