A father and son from Commack were rescued Saturday from the Nissequogue River after their 14-foot duck hunting boat capsized, officials said.

Smithtown Bay Constables, Smithtown Department of Public Safety Park Rangers, and Suffolk police responded to an emergency call just after 1 p.m. about two victims stranded on a marsh island.

Brendan Dennihy, a park ranger, responded to Kings Park Bluff at 1:13 p.m. and was able to spot the father and son, Fred and Kevin Maser.

Blake Gifford and Carmine Aro, both bay constables, made their way toward the Masers, who were suffering from exposure to the freezing cold.

The constables got the them onto their patrol vessel safely.

The men were evaluated and treated by the Kings Park Fire Department Rescue, but not hospitalized.

Their boat was recovered and returned to shore.

Top: The Smithtown Constables rescue, provided by The Town of Smithtown.